General Description
The HMC-VVD102 is a monolithic GaAs PIN diode ased Voltage Variable Attenuator (VVA) which exhibits low insertion loss, high IP3 and wide dynamic range. All bond pads and the die backside are Ti/Au metallized and the PIN diode devices are fully passivated for reliable operation. This wideband MMIC VVA is compatible with conventional die attach methods, as well as thermocompression and thermosonic wirebonding, making it ideal for MCM and hybrid microcircuit applications. All data shown herein is measured with the chip in a 50 Ohm environment and contacted with RF probes

*Low Insertion Loss: 1.5 dB
*Wide Dynamic Range: 18 dB
*High Input IP3: +17 dBm
*Analog Control Voltage: -4 to +4V
*Die Size: 1.01 x 1.175 x 0.1 mm

Typical Applications
This HMC-VVD102 is ideal for:
*Point-to-Point Radios
*Point-to-Multi-Point Radios
*Military Radios, Radar & ECM
*Test Equipment & Sensors

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