The TCC76x is a system LSI for digital media player based on the ARM940T, ARM’s proprietary 32-bit RISC CPU core.
It can decode and encode MP3 or other types of audio/voice compression/decompression standards by software based architecture.
The on-chip USB controller enables the data transmission between a personal computer and storage device such as NAND flash, HDD, CD etc.

* ARM940T CPU core
- 4KB instruction, 4KB data cache
- Operating up to 140MHz
* 4Kbytes of internal boot ROM with various boot procedure (NAND, UART) and security
* 64K bytes of internal SRAM for general usage
* On-chip peripherals (TCC760 and TCC761 Core Blocks)
- External Memory controller for various memories including PROM, NOR & NAND Flash, SRAM, SDRAM, DDR SDRAM (optional), etc.
- IDE Interface for HDD or external USB 2.0 device
- USB1.1 Host & device (Full speed)
- LCD controller supporting STN, TFT type LCD as well as NTSC/PAL interface (TCC761 only)
- Video input port for CMOS sensor module interface (TCC761 / TCC760 only)
- ECC generator for SLC and MLC NAND Flash
- I2S interface for external audio CODEC
- I2S interface for CD-DSP interface
- UART/IrDA for serial host interface
- GSIO for supporting various serial interfaces
- GPIO for various purposes
- Support 4 external interrupts
- I2C compatible serial bus
- 2-Channel DMA for transferring a bulk of data
- Four 16bit timer/counters with PWM output and two 20bit timers
- 32-bit 1Hz counter
- General purpose 10-bit ADC
- JTAG interface for code debugging
* 4 or 8Mbits of NOR Flash (TCC763 ~ TCC768)
* High performance Audio CODEC (TCC763, TCC764, TCC766 and TCC768)
- Highly Efficient Headphone Driver
- Microphone Input
* USB 2.0 Interface (TCC766/TCC767 only)
* Memory Card Interfaces Cores (TCC766/TCC767 only)
- Memory Stick (MS)
- Memory Stick PRO(MSPRO)
- SecureDigital Card (SD)
- MultiMedia Card (MMC)
- Build-in NAND Flash Memory Controller
* 16Mbits of SDRAM (TCC768 only)
* 0.18um low power CMOS process
* 1.5V ~ 1.95V for core, 1.8V ~ 3.6V for I/O port (TCC760 / TCC761 signals)

* Portable MP3 player (Flash or CD type)
* MP3 Juke Box
* Digital Audio Encoder/Decoder
* Digital Internet Radio Server
* Multimedia Storage Device
* Low cost PDA


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