ㅁ Input Offset Voltage: 75mV (Max)
ㅁ 60V Supply Operation (LT1787HV)
ㅁ 12-Bit Dynamic Range
ㅁ Operating Current: 60mA
ㅁ User-Selectable External Sense Resistor
ㅁ Bidirectional High Side Current Sensing
ㅁ Unidirectional or Bidirectional Output
ㅁ Input Noise Filtering
ㅁ Available in 8-Lead SO and MSOP Packages

ㅁ Battery Monitoring
ㅁ Power Monitoring
ㅁ Portable Phones
ㅁ Cellular Phones
ㅁ Portable Test/Measurement Systems
ㅁ Battery-Operated Systems

The LT®1787 is a complete micropower precision high side current sense amplifier. The LT1787 monitors bidirectional currents via the voltage across an external sense resistor. A current or voltage output depicts the direction and magnitude of the sense current. The LT1787 delivers greater than a 12-bit dynamic range with ultralow 40mV input offset voltage compared to a typical 250mV fullscale input voltage. A fixed gain of 8 is set by onboard precision resistors. Input signal filtering is easily implemented with a capacitor between the FIL– and FIL+ pins. The LT1787HV operates from 2.5V to 60V total supply voltage and the LT1787 operates from 2.5V to 36V total supply voltage. Both versions have a PSRR in excess of 120dB. The LT1787/LT1787HV draw only 60mA and are available in 8-lead SO and MSOP packages.

LT1787CMS8 LT1787IMS8 LT1787HVCMS8 LT1787HVIMS8 LT1787CS8 LT1787IS8 LT1787HVCS8 LT1787HVIS8

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ㅁ 1.2MHz Switching Frequency (LT1930)
ㅁ 2.2MHz Switching Frequency (LT1930A)
ㅁ Low VCESAT Switch: 400mV at 1A
ㅁ High Output Voltage: Up to 34V
ㅁ 5V at 480mA from 3.3V Input (LT1930)
ㅁ 12V at 250mA from 5V Input (LT1930A)
ㅁ Wide Input Range: 2.6V to 16V
ㅁ Uses Small Surface Mount Components
ㅁ Low Shutdown Current: <1mA
ㅁ Low Profile (1mm) ThinSOTTM Package
ㅁ Pin-for-Pin Compatible with the LT1613

ㅁ TFT-LCD Bias Supply
ㅁ Digital Cameras
ㅁ Cordless Phones
ㅁn Battery Backup
ㅁ Medical Diagnostic Equipment
ㅁ Local 5V or 12V Supply
ㅁ External Modems
ㅁ PC Cards
ㅁ xDSL Power Supply

The LT®1930 and LT1930A are the industry’s highest power SOT-23 switching regulators. Both include an internal 1A, 36V switch allowing high current outputs to be generated in a small footprint. The LT1930 switches at 1.2MHz, allowing the use of tiny, low cost and low height capacitors and inductors. The faster LT1930A switches at 2.2MHz, enabling further reductions in inductor size. Complete regulator solutions approaching one tenth of a square inch in area are achievable with these devices. Multiple output power supplies can now use a separate regulator for each output voltage, replacing cumbersome quasi-regulated approaches using a single regulator and custom transformers.
A constant frequency internally compensated current mode PWM architecture results in low, predictable output noise that is easy to filter. Low ESR ceramic capacitors can be used at the output, further reducing noise to the millivolt level. The high voltage switch on the LT1930/LT1930A is rated at 36V, making the device ideal for boost converters up to 34V as well as for single-ended primary inductance converter (SEPIC) and flyback designs. The LT1930 can generate 5V at up to 480mA from a 3.3V supply or 5V at 300mA from four alkaline cells in a SEPIC design. The LT1930/LT1930A are available in the 5-lead ThinSOT package.

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ㅁ Bidirectional Buffer for SDA and SCL Lines Increases Fanout
ㅁ Prevents SDA and SCL Corruption During Live Board Insertion and Removal from Backplane
ㅁ Isolates Input SDA and SCL Lines from Output
ㅁ Compatible with I2CTM, I2C Fast Mode and SMBus Standards (Up to 400kHz Operation)
ㅁ Small MSOP 8-Pin Package
ㅁ Low ICC Chip Disable: <1mA (LTC4300A-1)
ㅁ READY Open Drain Output (LTC4300A-1)
ㅁ 1V Precharge on all SDA and SCL Lines
ㅁ Supports Clock Stretching, Arbitration and Synchronization
ㅁ 5V to 3.3V Level Translation (LTC4300A-2)
ㅁ High Impedance SDA, SCL Pins for VCC = 0V

The LTC®4300A series hot swappable 2-wire bus buffers allow I/O card insertion into a live backplane without corruption of the data and clock busses. When the connection is made, the LTC4300A-1/LTC4300A-2 provide bidirectional buffering, keeping the backplane and card
capacitances isolated. Rise-time accelerator circuitry* allows the use of weaker DC pull-up currents while still meeting rise-time requirements. During insertion, the SDA and SCL lines are precharged to 1V to minimize bus disturbances. The LTC4300A-1 incorporates a CMOS threshold digital ENABLE input pin, which forces the part into a low current mode when driven to ground and sets normal operation when driven to VCC. It also includes an open drain READY output pin, which indicates that the backplane and card sides are connected together. The LTC4300A-2 replaces the ENABLE pin with a dedicated supply voltage pin, VCC2, for the card
side, providing level shifting between 3.3V and 5V systems. Both the backplane and card may be powered with supply voltages ranging from 2.7V to 5.5V, with no contraints on which supply voltage is higher. The LTC4300A-2 also replaces the READY pin with a digital CMOS input pin, ACC, which enables and disables the rise-time accelerator currents. The LTC4300A is available in a small 8-pin MSOP package.

LTC4300A-2 LTC4300A-1CMS8 LTC4300A-1IMS8 LTC4300A-2CMS8 LTC4300A-2IMS8
TAG Buffers

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The LTC 1771 is a high efficiency current mode stepdown DC/DC controller that draws as little as 10mA DC supply current to regulate the output at no load while maintaining high efficiency for loads up to several amps. The LTC1771 drives an external P-channel power MOSFET using a current mode, constant off-time architecture. An external sense resistor is used to program the operating current level. Current mode control provides short-circuit protection, excellent transient response and controlled start-up behavior. Burst Mode operation enables the
LTC1771 to maintain high efficiency down to extremely low currents. Shutdown mode further reduces the supply current to a mere 2mA. For low noise applications, Burst Mode operation can be easily disabled with the MODE pin. Wide input supply range of 2.8V to 18V (20V maximum) and 100% duty cycle operation for low dropout make the LTC1771 ideal for a wide variety of battery-powered applications where maximizing battery life is important.
The LTC1771’s availability in both 8-lead MSOP and SO packages provides for a minimum area solution.

- Very Low Standby Current: 10mA
- Available in Space-Saving 8-Lead MSOP Package
- High Output Currents
- Wide VIN Range: 2.8V to 20V Operation
- VOUT Range: 1.23V to 18V
- High Efficiency: Over 93% Possible
- ±2% Output Accuracy
- Very Low Dropout Operation: 100% Duty Cycle
- Current Mode Operation for Excellent Line and Load Transient Response
- Defeatable Burst ModeTM Operation
- Short-Circuit Protected
- Optional Programmable Soft-Start
- Micropower Shutdown: IQ = 2mA

LTC1771EMS8 LTC1771ES8 LTC1771IS8

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The LT®1715 is an UltraFastTM dual comparator optimized for low voltage operation. Separate supplies allow independent analog input ranges and output logic levels with no loss of performance. The input voltage range extends from 100mV below VEE to 1.2V below VCC. Internal hysteresis makes the LT1715 easy to use even with slow moving input signals. The rail-to-rail outputs directly interface to TTL and CMOS. The symmetric output drive results in similar rise and fall times that can be harnessed for analog applications or for easy translation to other single supply logic levels.
The LT1715 is available in the 10-pin MSOP package. The pinout of the LT1715 minimizes parasitic effects by placing the most sensitive inputs away from the outputs, shielded by the power rails.
For a dual/quad single supply comparator with similar propagation delay, see the  LT1720/LT1721. For a single comparator with similar propagation delay, see the LT1719.

■ UltraFast: 4ns at 20mV Overdrive
■ 150MHz Toggle Frequency
■ Separate Input and Output Power Supplies
■ Low Power: 4.6mA per Comparator at 3V
■ Pinout Optimized for High Speed Use
■ Output Optimized for 3V and 5V Supplies
■ TTL/CMOS Compatible Rail-to-Rail Output
■ Input Voltage Range Extends 100mV Below Negative Rail
■ Internal Hysteresis with Specified Limits

LT1715CMS, LT1715IMS

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