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  1. 2008/03/18 S-89530A - MINI ANALOG SERIES 0.7 μA Rail-to-Rail CMOS COMPARATOR

The mini analog series is a group of ICs that incorporate a generalpurpose analog circuit in an ultra-small packages.
The S-89530A/89531A Series are CMOS type comparators that feature Rail-to-Rail *1 I/O and can be driven at a lower voltage and lower current consumpsion than existing comparators, making the S- 89530A/89531A for use in battery-powered compact portable devices.

* Can be driven lower voltage than existing general-purpose comparators: VDD = 0.9 V to 5.5 V
* Low current consumption: IDD = 0.7 μA (Typ.)
* Rail-to-Rail *1 wide input and output voltage range: VCMR = VSS to VDD
* Low input offset voltage: 5.0 mV max.
* Small package: 5-Pin SC-88A 2.0 mm × 2.1 mm
* Lead-free products

* Cellular phones
* PDAs
* Notebook PCs
* Digital cameras
* Digital video cameras


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