Designed specifically to address high-end embedded applications for storage, the PowerPC 440SP Embedded Processor (PPC440SP) provides a highperformance, low power solution that interfaces to a wide range of peripherals by incorporating on-chip power management features and lower power dissipation.
This chip contains a high-performance RISC processor core, a DDR2 SDRAM controller, configurable 256KB SRAM to be used as L2 cache or software-controlled on-chip memory, three DDR PCI-X bus interfaces, an Ethernet interface, an I2O/DMA controller, control for external ROM and peripherals, optional RAID 6 acceleration, an XOR DMA unit, serial ports, IIC interfaces, and general purpose I/O.

*PowerPC‚ 440 processor core operating at up to 667MHz with 32-KB I- and D-caches (with parity checking)
*On-chip 256-KB SRAM configurable as L2 Cache or Ethernet Packet/Code store memory
*Selectable Processor:Bus clock ratios (Refer to the Clocking chapter in the PPC440SP Embedded Processor User’s Manual for details)
*Supports up to 4 GB (2 Chip Selects) of 64-bit/32-bit SDRAM with ECC
– DDR1 266-333-400
– DDR2 400-533-667
*Three DDR PCI-X interfaces (32-bit or 64-bit) up to 133 MHz (DDR 266) with support for
conventional PCI
*XOR Accelerator with DMA controller
*Optional: High throughput RAID 6 hardware acceleration, performs XOR and Galois Field P &
Q parity computations, supports up to 255 drives
*I2O Messaging Unit with two DMA controllers
*External Peripheral Bus (24-bit Address, 8-bit Data) for up to three devices
*One Ethernet 10/100/1000 Mbps half- or fullduplex interface. Operational modes supported
are MII and GMII.
*Programmable Interrupt Controller supports interrupts from a variety of sources.
*Programmable General Purpose Timers (GPT)
*Three serial ports (16750 compatible UART)
*Two IIC interfaces
*General Purpose I/O (GPIO) interface available
*JTAG interface for board level testing
*Processor can boot from PCI memory


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