*The 67-21 series is available for orange, green, blue and yellow or other color due to the different raw material.
*Base on the package design, the device result in wide view angle.

*Inner reflector.
*White package.
*Optical indicator.
*P-LCC-2 package.
*Wide viewing angle.
*Colorless clear resin.
*Precondition:Base on JEDEC Level-2.
*ESD:Up to 2KV. (Base JESD22-A114-B)
*The product itself will remain within RoHS compliant version.
*Suitable for vapor-phase reflow, infrared reflow and wave solder processes.

*Automotive backlighting or indicator:Dashboard, switch, audio and video equipments…etc.
*Backlight:LCD, switches, symbol, mobile phone and illuminated advertising.
*Display for indoor and outdoor application:Traffic…etc.
*Ideal for coupling into light guides.
*Substitution of traditional light
*Optical indicator
*General applications.


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