The A25L20P/A25L10P/A25L05P are 2M/1M/512 bit Serial Flash Memory, with advanced write protection mechanisms, accessed by a high speed SPI-compatible bus.
The memory can be programmed 1 to 256 bytes at a time, using the Page Program instruction.
The memory is organized as 4/2/1 sectors, each containing 256 pages. Each page is 256 bytes wide. Thus, the whole memory can be viewed as consisting of 1024/512/256 pages, or 262,144/131,072/65,536 bytes.
The whole memory can be erased using the Bulk Erase instruction, or a sector at a time, using the Sector Erase instruction.

* 2Mbit / 1Mbit / 512Kbit of Flash Memory
* Flexible Sector Architecture
- 25L20P: (4/4/8/16/32)KB/64x3 KB
- 25L10P: (4/4/8/16/32)KB/64x1KB
- 25L05P: (4/4/8/16/32)KB
* Bulk Erase (typical)
- 25L20P (2M) in 6s
- A25L10P (1M) in 4s
- A25L05P (512K) in 3s
* Sector Erase (512 Kbit) in 1s (typical)
* Page Program (up to 256 Bytes) in 3ms (typical)
* 2.7 to 3.6V Single Supply Voltage
* SPI Bus Compatible Serial Interface
* 85MHz Clock Rate (maximum)
* Deep Power-down Mode 1μA (typical)
* Top or Bottom boot block configuration available
* Electronic Signatures
- JEDEC Standard Two-Byte Signature
A25L20P: (2012h, Bottom) or (2022h, top)
A25L10P: (2011h, Bottom) or (2021h, top)
A25L05P: (2010h, Bottom) or (2020h, top)
- RES Instruction, One-Byte, Signature, for backward compatibility
A25L20P (11h)
A25L10P (10h)
A25L05P (05h)
* Package options
- 8-pin SOP (150mil or 209mil), 8-pin DIP (300mil) or 8-pin QFN
- All Pb-free (Lead-free) products are RoHS compliant

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