General Description
The A63L06361 is a high-speed SRAM containing 36M bits of bit synchronous memory, organized as 1024K words by 36 bits.
The A63L06361 combines advanced synchronous peripheral circuitry, 2-bit burst control, input registers, output buffer and a 1M X 36 SRAM core to provide a wide range of data RAM applications.
The positive edge triggered single clock input (CLK) controls all synchronous inputs passing through the registers. Synchronous inputs include all addresses (A0 - A19), all data inputs (I/O1 - I/O36 ), active LOW chip enable ( CE ), two additional chip enables (CE2, CE2 ), burst control inputs ( ADSC , ADSP , ADV ), byte write enables (BWE , BW1 , BW2 , BW3 , BW4 ) and Global Write (GW ). Asynchronous inputs include output enable ( OE ), clock (CLK), BURST mode (MODE) and SLEEP mode (ZZ).
Burst operations can be initiated with either the address status processor ( ADSP ) or address status controller ( ADSC ) input pin. Subsequent burst sequence burst addresses can be internally generated by the A63L06361 and controlled by the burst advance ( ADV ) pin. Write cycles are internally self-timed and synchronous with the rising edge of the clock (CLK).
This feature simplifies the write interface. Individual Byte enables allow individual bytes to be written. BW1 controls I/O1 - I/O9, BW2 controls I/O10 - I/O18, BW3 controls I/O19 - I/O27, and BW4 controls I/O28 - I/O36, all on the condition that BWE is LOW. GW LOW causes all bytes to be written.

*Fast access times: 6.5/7.5/8.0 ns(153/133/117 MHz)
*Single 3.3V±5% power supply
*Synchronous burst function
*Individual Byte Write control and Global Write
*Three separate chip enables allow wide range of options for CE control, address pipelining
*Selectable BURST mode
*SLEEP mode (ZZ pin) provided
*Available in 100-pin LQFP package
*Industrial operating temperature range: -45°C to +125°C for -I series

A63L06361E-6.5, A63L06361E-6.5F, A63L06361E-7.5, A63L06361E-7.5F

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