General Description
The AAT3195 is a charge-pump based, current-sink white LED driver capable of driving one to four LEDs up to 30mA, each. It automatically switches between 1x mode and 2x mode to maintain the highest efficiency and optimal LED current accuracy and matching.
The AAT3195 charge pump’s 1x mode (bypass mode) has very low resistance allowing LED current regulation to be maintained with input supply voltage approaching the LED forward voltage. The AAT3195 incorporates an internal RSET and is available in a thermally enhanced,
Pb-free 2x2.1mm 10-lead SC70JW-10 package.

*Drives up to 4 LEDs at up to 30mA, each
*Automatic Switching Between 1x and 2x Modes
*1MHz Switching Frequency
*Linear LED Output Current Control
- Single-wire, S2Cwire™ Interface
  -AAT3195-1: 30mA, 32-step
  -AAT3195-2: 20mA, 32-step
- ON/OFF or PWM Interface
*±10% LED Output Current Accuracy
*3% LED Output Current Matching
*Low-current Shutdown Mode
*Built-in Thermal Protection
*Automatic Soft-start
*2x2.1mm SC70JW-10 Package

*Cordless Phone Handsets
*Digital Cameras
*Mobile Phone Handsets
*MP3 and PMP Players

AAT3195IJQ-1-T1, AAT3195IJQ-2-T1, AAT3195IJQ-3-T1

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