The patent-pending ACT8342 is a complete, cost effective, highly-efficient ActivePMUTM power management solution that is ideal for a wide range of portable handheld equipment. This device integrates one PWM step-down DC/DC converter and two low noise, low dropout linear regulators (LDOs) in a single, thin, space-saving package. This device is ideal for a wide range of portable handheld equipment that can benefit from the advantages of ActivePMU technology but does not require a high level of integration.
REG1 is a fixed-frequency, current-mode PWM step-down DC/DC converter that is optimized for high efficiency and is capable of supplying up to 350mA output current. REG1’s output is available in a variety of factory-preset output voltage options, and an adjustable output voltage mode is also available. REG2, REG3 are low noise, high PSRR linear regulators that are capable of supplying up to 80mA, and 150mA, respectively.
The ACT8342 is available in a tiny 3mm × 3mm 16-pin Thin-QFN package that is just 0.75mm thin.

*Multiple Patents Pending
*Three Integrated Regulators
− 350mA PWM Step-Down DC/DC
− 80mA Low Noise LDO
− 150mA Low Noise LDO
*Independent Enable/Disable Control
*Minimal External Components
*3×3mm, Thin-QFN (TQFN33-16) Package
− Only 0.75mm Height
− RoHS Compliant

*Portable Devices and PDAs
*MP3/MP4 Players
*Wireless Handhelds
*GPS Receivers, etc.

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