The ADM3251E is a high speed, single-channel RS-232 transceiver device that operates from a single power supply.
This device is ideally suited to operation in electrically harsh environments or where RS-232 cables are frequently being plugged/unplugged.
The ADM3251E incorporates dual-channel digital isolators with isoPower integrated, isolated power.
There is no requirement for a separate isolated dc-to-dc converter as the ADM3251E has
a chip-scale dc-to-dc converter which is based on Analog Devices, Inc. iCoupler® technology.
Analog Devices’ chip-scale transformer iCoupler technology is used both for the isolation of the logic signals as well as for the dc-to-dc converter.
The result is a small form factor, total isolation solution.
Five external 0.1μF charge pump capacitors are used for the voltage doubler/inverter permitting operation from a single supply.
The ADM3251E conforms to the EIA-232E specifications and operates at data rates up to 460 kbps.
The device is ideally suited to operation in electrically harsh environments.
RS-232 pins, RIN and TOUT are protected against electrostatic discharges (up to ±15 kV ESD protection).
The ADM3251E is available in a 20 lead Wide Body SOIC package.

* 460 kbps Data Rate
* 1 Tx and 1 Rx
* Meets EIA-232E specifications
* 0.1uF charge pump capacitors
* Integrated isolated dc-to-dc converter
* ESD protection to IEC1000-4-2(801.2) on RIN and TOUT pins.
* ±8kV: contact discharge
* ±15kV: air gap discharge
* Integrated isolated dc-to-dc converter
* High common-mode transient immunity: >25kV/us
* Safety and regulatory approvals (pending)
* UL recognition
* VDE certificate of conformity
* 20 Lead WSOIC package

* High noise data communications
* Industrial Communications
* Industrial/Telecom Diagnostic Ports

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