The AFP02N8-212, 213 are general purpose packaged PHEMT chips that have excellent gain and noise performance through X band, making them suitable for a wide range of commercial applications. The devices employ 0.7 mm Ti/Pd/Au gates and surface passivation to ensure a rugged, reliable part. Available in metal ceramic packages with a choice of two lead lengths. The
components are also available in tape and reel and are ready for automatic insertion equipment.

*Low Noise Figure, 1.55 dB @ 4 GHz
*High Associated Gain, 13 dB @ 4 GHz
*High MAG, > 15 dB @ 4 GHz
*0.7 mm Ti/Pd/Au Gates
*Passivated Surface
*Low Cost Metal Ceramic Package
*Available with Two Lead Lengths
*Available in Tape and Reel Packaging


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