This is a Call Waiting decoder used on the telephone. Call Waiting service works by alerting a customer engaged in a telephone call to a new incoming call. Thus, the customer can still receive important calls while engaged in a current call. The Call Waiting decoder can detect dual-tone (2130Hz and 2750Hz) alert tone and generate a valid timing on the data pins for micro controller.

*Compatible with Bellcore special report SR-TSV-002476
*3.6V ~ 6.0V supply voltage
*Call-Waiting (2130Hz plus 2750Hz) alert tone detector
*Sensitivity compensated by adjusting OP Amp
*Internal buffer
*Detection block for alert tone detected and digital algorithm detection
*Package series --- 14-pin DIP or 16-pin SOP (150 mil) AG8888AP for 14-pin DIP AG8888N for 16-pin SOP (150 mil)

Feature phones, cordless phones and stand-alone product

AG8888AP, AG8888AP

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