AM457 is a high-precision integrated amplifier which has been developed to condition signals
from small differential input voltages within a range of a few millivolts (±5 to ±100 mV FS).
The chief component of the IC is a highly accurate, low-noise amplifier circuit which can be adjusted to the sensing elements using an external network of resistors.
With the exception of the additional operational amplifier and the diagnostic unit IC AM467's
pins and functions are compatible with the AM457.
The rail-to-rail output makes the IC suitable for the amplification of DMS and piezoceramic sensing elements and GMR measuring cells with respect to the specific calibration network.

* Wide differential input voltage range (±5 mV FS...±100 mV FS)
* Low offset
* Low offset drift
* Low input noise
* High CMRR: > 120 dB
* Wide operating temperature range: – 40 °C... +125 °C
* Adjustable output voltage
* Rail-to-rail output stage: VOUT = 0.2 V ... VCC – 0.2 V
* Sink/source output
* Single ratiometric supply: VCC = 5 V
* Integrated EMV protective functions
* Overvoltage protection 12 V
* Integrated ESD protective functions
* Short-circuit-proofing
* Small-scale design


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