General Description
The AME4041 is a micropower 2-terminal band-gap voltage regulator diode.
It operates over a 30mA to 20mA current range.
Each circuit is trimmed at wafer sort to provide a ±0.5% initial tolerance.
The design of the AME4041 allows for a large range of load capacitances and operating
The low start-up current makes these parts ideal for battery applications.

* Small Packages: SOT-23
* Tolerates Capacitive Loads
* Fixed Reverse Breakdown Voltage of 1.225V
* Tight Voltage Tolerance ------- ±0.5%
* Wide Operating Current ------- 30mA to 20mA
* Wide Temperature Range ----- -40oC to 85oC
* Low Temperature Coefficient --100ppm/oC (max)
* Excellent Transient Response

* Portable Electronics
* Power Supplies
* Computer Peripherals
* Data Acquisition Systems
* Battery chargers
* Consumer Electronics
* All AME's Lead Free Products Meet RoHS Standards.


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