AMI Semiconductor’s WSN series is a family of self-scanning photodiode solid-state linear imaging arrays. These photodiode sensors employ AMI Semiconductor’s proprietary CMOS image sensing technology to integrate the sensors into a single monolithic chip. These sensors are optimally designed for applications in spectroscopy. Accordingly, these sensors contain a linear array of photodiodes with an optimized geometrical aspect ratio (50μm aperture pitch x 2500μm aperture width) for helping to maintain mechanical stability in spectroscopic instruments and for providing a large light-capturing ability. The family of sensors consists of photodiode arrays of various lengths - 128, 256 and 512 pixels.
The WSN photodiode arrays are mounted in 22-pin ceramic side-brazed dual-in-line packages that fit in standard DIP sockets.

*65pC saturation capacity for wide dynamic range
*Wide spectral response (180 – 1000nm) for UV and IR response
*NP junction photodiodes with superior resistance to UV damage
*Low dark current
*Integration time up to nine seconds at room temperature
*Integration time extended to hours by cooling
*High linearity
*Low power dissipation (less than 1mW)
*Geometrical structure for enhanced stability and registration
*Standard 22 lead dual-in-line IC package

AMIS-732256, AMIS-732512

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