This 'FREDFET' version has a drain-source (body) diode that has been optimized for high reliability in ZVS phase shifted bridge and other circuits through reduced trr, soft recovery, and high recovery dv/dt capability. Low gate charge, high gain, and a greatly reduced ratio of Crss/Ciss result in excellent noise immunity and low switching loss. The intrinsic gate resistance and capacitance of the poly-silicon gate structure help control di/dt during switching, resulting in low EMI and reliable paralleling, even when switching at very high frequency.

*Fast switching with low EMI
*Low trr for high reliability
*Ultra low Crss for improved noise immunity
*Low gate charge
*Avalanche energy rated
*RoHS compliant

*ZVS phase shifted and other full bridge
*Half bridge
*PFC and other boost converter
*Buck converter
*Single and two switch forward


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