• Low Dropout Voltage 500mV at 3A Full Load Current
• Fixed Output Voltages of 3.3V, 2.8V & 2.5V
• Adjustable Output Down to 1.2V from ATX Power Supply
• Extremely Tight Voltage and Line Regulation
• Standard 5-Terminal Low Cost TO-220 & TO-263

• 3.3V to 2.8V ATX Power Supplies
• 3.3V to 2.9V for Portable PENTIUM Processor
• 5V to 3.5V VRE Supply
• High Efficiency “Green” Computer Systems

The AS1582 is a 3A Low Dropout Regulator with extremely low dropout voltage. The adjustable version requires only two external resistors to set the output voltage. The fixed version has a preset output of 3.3V, 2.8V or 2.5V and does not require any external resistors. The AS1582 features a low dropout of less than 400mV(typ.) and offers fast transient response. This device is suitable for Pentium applications requiring 2.8V or 2.5V from 3.3V ATX power supplies, where a low current input voltage 1V greater than the output voltage is needed. With an external sense pin the load regulation is less than 1mV. This device is an excellent choice for the use in powering low voltage microprocessors that require a lower dropout, fast transient response to regulate from 3.3V and 5V supplies. The AS1582 is also an excellent choice as a post regulator for switching supplies applications.
The AS1582 offers full protection against over-current faults, reversed input polarity, over temperature operation and positive and negative transient voltage.
The AS1582 is offered in a 5 pin TO-220 and TO-263 compatible with industry standard 5 terminal regulators. For 7A, 5A and 1.5A ultra low dropout versions refer to AS1580, AS1581 and AS1583 data sheets respectively.


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