General Description
The ASM705 / 706 / 707 / 708 and AS813L are cost effective CMOS supervisor circuits that monitor power-supply and battery voltage level, and μP/μC operation.
The family offers several functional options. Each device generates a reset signal during power-up, power-down and during brownout conditions. A reset is generated when the supply drops below 4.65V (ASM705/707/813L) or 4.40V (ASM706/708). For 3V power supply applications, refer to the ASM705P/R/S/T data sheet. In addition, the ASM705/706/813L feature a 1.6 second watchdog timer. The ASM707/708 have both active-HIGH and active-LOW reset outputs but no watchdog function. The ASM813L has the same pin-out and functions as the ASM705 but has an active-HIGH reset output. A versatile power-fail circuit has a 1.25V threshold, useful in low battery detection and for monitoring non-5V supplies. All devices have a manual reset (MR) input. The watchdog timer output will trigger a reset if connected to MR.
All devices are available in 8-pin DIP, SO and MicroSO packages.

*Precision power supply monitor
-4.65V threshold (ASM705/707/813L)
-4.40V threshold (ASM706/708)
*Debounced manual reset input
*Voltage monitor
-1.25V threshold
-Battery monitor / Auxiliary supply monitor
*Watchdog timer (ASM705/706/813L)
*200ms reset pulse width
*Active HIGH reset output (ASM707/708/813L)
*MicroSO package

*Computers and embedded controllers
*Portable/Battery-operated systems
*Intelligent instruments
*Wireless communication systems
*PDAs and hendheld equipment
*Automative Systems
*Safety Systems

ASM706, ASM707, ASM708, ASM705CPA, ASM706CPA, ASM707CPA, ASM708CPA

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