The ATR2732N1 is a front-end monolithic integrated circuit, manufactured using Atmel®’s silicon-germanium BiCMOS process (SiGMOS).
The ATR2732N1 carries out all functions of RF and IF processing, as well as the clock-signal generation for these functions. Therefore, there is an integrated fractional PLL, which, equivalent to most of the other functions, can be controlled via an external digital bus. The RF functions include LNA, down-conversion mixing, amplifying, detection, and gain control. An external SAW filter is required in the signal path after the RF functions. Additional amplifiers with detection and control functions are integrated IF functions.
The device offers several tuning support functions, and was created to simplify the design and manufacturing process. To this end, the number of external components are minimal.
The part fits perfectly to Atmel’s DAB baseband processor ATR2740.

*ATR2732N1 is a Special Version of ATR2732 Recommended for Automotive Applications
*Highly Integrated DAB Front-end Solution Covering Band III and L-band Reception
*Convenient Internal Clock Generation, Single Reference Clock
*Fractional PLL for VHF
*Fully Integrated VCOs
*High-precision Digitally Tunable Reference Oscillator
*Integrated High-performance LNAs
*Very Flexible Programming of the AGC
*Automatically Aligned External Filter Tuning
*Simple Three-wire Digital Control Interface for Easy Handling
*Single Low Voltage (3.3V) Supply Operation
*Low Current Consumption Due to Several Power-down Options
*Small SMD Package (QFN 9 mm × 9 mm)

*Commercial DAB Receivers
*DAB Receiver Solutions for Car Radio Applications
*Portable DAB Solutions


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