BA225 - CR timer

Rohm 2009/03/23 09:35
The BA225, BA225F, BA235, BA226, BA226F, and BA236 are monolithic ICs having independent monostable multivibrator circuits which consume very low current (0.75mA typ.). Using external resistors and capacitors, the timing control time can be set within a range from 0.01ms to 100ms.
As the BA225, BA225F, and BA235 are triggered at the rising edge of the signal, they have no trigger input differentiating circuit and can be used in measuring instruments, control devices, digital data systems and other equipment as sub-compact attachments. The BA226, BA226F, and BA236 are available as falling edge trigger types.

*As these are edge trigger types (BA225 / BA235: rising edge trigger types, BA226 / BA236: falling edge trigger types), there is no need for an input differentiating circuit.
*The dual type design enables delay timer configuration.
*Fewer attachments are required.
*Current dissipation is as low as 0.75mA for each circuit.
*Uniformity in the supply current between high and low output states simplifies the design of the power supply section.
*Wide operating power supply voltage range of 4.0V to 16V.
*The BA235 and BA236 pin assignments are symmetrical, allowing reverse insertion.
*Hysteresis in the input results in a high level of noise withstand resistance.

*Delay timers
*Monostable multivibrator (ideal for VCR system controllers)
*Pulse generators

BA225F, BA235, BA226, BA226F, BA236

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