The CAT6219 is a 500mA CMOS low dropout regulator that provides fast response time during load current and line voltage changes.
The quick-start feature allows the use of an external bypass capacitor to reduce the overall output noise without affecting the turn-on time of just 150μs.
With zero shutdown current and low ground current of 55μA typical, the CAT6219 is ideal for batteryoperated devices with supply voltages from 2.3V to 5.5V. An internal under voltage lockout circuit disables the output at supply voltages under 2.15V typical.
The CAT6219 offers 1% initial accuracy and low dropout voltage, 300mV typical at 500mA. Stable operation is provided with a small value ceramic capacitor, reducing required board space and component cost.
Other features include current limit and thermal protection.
The LDO is available in fixed and adjustable output in the low profile (1mm max height) 5-lead TSOT23 and in the 6-pad 2mm x 2mm TDFN packages.

*Guaranteed 500mA peak output current
*Low dropout voltage of 300mV typical at 500mA
*Stable with ceramic output capacitor
*External 10nF bypass capacitor for low noise
*Quick-start feature
*Under voltage lockout
*No-load ground current of 55μA typical
*Full-load ground current of 85μA typical
*±1.0% initial accuracy (VOUT ≥ 2.0V)
*±2.0% accuracy over temperature (VOUT ≥ 2.0V)
*“Zero” current shutdown mode
*Current limit and thermal protection
*5-lead TSOT-23 and 6-pad TDFN packages

*Cellular phones
*Battery-powered devices
*Consumer Electronics

CAT6219-125TD-GT3, CAT6219-180TD-GT3, CAT6219-250TD-GT3

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