The CAV414 is an universal multipurpose interface for capacitive sensors and contains the complete signal processing unit on chip. The CAV414 detects the relative capacitive change of a measuring capacity to a fixed reference capacity. The IC is optimised for capacities in the wide range of 10pF to 2nF with possible changes of capacity of 5% to 100% of the reference capacity.
The voltage output is formed by a high accuracy instrumentation amplifier in combination with an operational amplifier.
With only a few external components, the CAV414 is suitable for a great variety of applications including a zero compensation.

*Wide Supply Voltage Range: 6...35V
*Wide Operating Temperature Range: –40°C...+85°C
*High Detection Sensitivity of Relative Capacitive Changes: 5% – 100%
*Detection Frequency up to 2kHz
*Adjustable Voltage Range: 0...5/10V, other
*Reference Voltage Source: 5V
*Protection against Reverse Polarity
*Output Current Limitation
*Adjustable with only two Resistors

*Industrial Process Control
*Distance Measurement
*Pressure Measurement
*Humidity Measurement
*Level Control

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