The CE5037 is a fully integrated direct conversion tuner for digital satellite receiver systems. It provides excellent immunity to composite undesired channels. The device also contains a RF Bypass for connecting to a second receiver module.
The CE5037 is simple to use, requiring no alignment or tuning algorithms and uses a minimum number of external components. The device is programmable via a I2C compatible bus.
The CE5037 is qualified for DVB-S2 8PSK receiver applications A complete reference design (CE9542) is available using CE6313 demodulator.

*Direct conversion tuner for quadrature down conversion from L-band to Zero IF
*Symbol rate 1-45 MS/s
*High sensitivity < -83 dBm at 27.5 MS/s Code rate 7/8
*Independent RF AGC and baseband gain control
*Fifth order baseband filters with bandwidth adjustable from 6 to 43 MHz
*Fully integrated alignment-free low phase noise local oscillator
*Selectable RF Bypass
*Low power consumption 0.5W at 3.3V.
*28 pin 5x5 mm QFN Package

*DVB-S PayTV satellite receivers
*DSS satellite receivers
*DVB-S2 8PSK satellite receivers

WGCE5037882557, WGCE5037SL9FV882558

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