The CE6353 is a superior fourth generation fully compliant ETSI ETS300 744 COFDM demodulator that exceeds, with margin, the performance requirements of all known DVB-T digital terrestrial television standards, including Unified Nordig and DTG.
A high performance 10 bit on-chip ADC is used to sample the 44 or 36 MHz IF analog signal. Advanced digital filtering of the upper and lower channel enables a single 8 MHz channel SAW filter to be used for 6, 7 and 8 MHz OFDM signal reception. All sampling and other internal clocks are derived from a single 20.48 MHz crystal or a 4 MHz clock input, the tolerance of which may be relaxed as much as 200 ppm.
The CE6353 has a wide frequency capture range able to automatically compensate for the combined offset introduced by the tuner xtal and broadcaster triple frequency offsets.
An on-chip state machine controls all acquisition and tracking operations of the CE6353 as well as controlling the tuner via a 2-wire bus. Any frequency range can be automatically scanned for digital TV channels. This mechanism ensures minimal interaction, maximum flexibility and fast acquisition - very low software overhead.
Also included in the design is a 7-bit ADC to detect the RF signal strength and thereby efficiently control the tuner RF AGC.
Users have access to all the relevant signal quality information, including input signal power level, signal-to-noise ratio, pre-Viterbi BER, post-Viterbi BER, and the uncorrectable block counts. The error rate monitoring periods are programmable over a wide range.
The device is packaged in a 10 x 10 mm 64-pin LQFP and is very low power.

*Compliant with ETSI 300 744 DVB-T, Unified Nordig and DTG performance specifications
*High performance with fast fully blind acquisition and tracking capability
*Low power consumption: less than 0.32 W, and eco-friendly standby and sleep modes
*Digital filtering of adjacent channels
*Single 8 MHz SAW filter for 6, 7 & 8 MHz OFDM
*Superior single frequency network performance
*Fast AGC to track out signal fades
*Good Doppler tracking capability
*Enhanced frequency capture range to include triple offsets
*External 4 MHz clock or single low-cost 20.48 MHz crystal, tolerance up to +/-200 ppm
*Automatic mode (2 K/8 K), guard and spectral inversion detection
*Very low driver software overhead due to on-chip state-machine control
*Novel RF level detect facility via a separate ADC

*Digital terrestrial set-top boxes
*Integrated digital televisions
*Personal video recorders
*PC-TV receivers
*Portable applications

DJCE6353882077, WJCE6353882206, DJCE6353SL9EN882128, WJCE6353SL9G5882170

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