Clare and IXYS have combined to bring OptoMOS®technology, reliability and compact size to a new family of high-power Solid State Relays.
As part of this family, the CPC1908 single pole normally open (1-Form-A) Solid State Power Relay is rated for up to 8.5Arms continuous load current with a 5°C/W heat sink.
The CPC1908 employs optically coupled MOSFET technology to provide 2500Vrms of input to output isolation.
The output is constructed with efficient MOSFET switches and photovoltaic die that use Clare’s patented OptoMOS architecture while the input, a highly efficient GaAlAs infrared LED provides
the optically coupled control.
The combination of low on-resistance and high load current handling capability makes this relay suitable for a variety of high performance switching applications.
The unique i4-PAC package pioneered by IXYS allows Solid State Relays to achieve the highest load current and power ratings.
This package features a unique IXYS process where the silicon chips are soft soldered onto the Direct Copper Bond (DCB) substrate instead of the traditional copper leadframe.
The DCB ceramic, the same substrate used in high power modules, not only provides 2500Vrms isolation but also very low thermal resistance (0.35 °C/W).

* Compact i4-PAC™ Power Package
* Low Thermal Resistance (0.35 °C/W)
* 8.5Arms Load Current with 5°C/W Heat Sink
* Electrically Non-conductive Thermal Pad for Heat Sink Applications
* Low Drive Power Requirements
* Arc-Free With No Snubbing Circuits
* 2500Vrms Input/Output Isolation
* No EMI/RFI Generation
* Machine Insertable, Wave Solderable

* Industrial Controls
* Motor Control
* Robotics
* Medical Equipment—Patient/Equipment Isolation
* Instrumentation
- Multiplexers
- Data Acquisition
- Electronic Switching
- I/O Subsystems
- Meters (Watt-Hour, Water, Gas)
* Transportation Equipment
* Aerospace/Defense



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