General Description
CY25561 is a spread spectrum clock generator (SSCG) IC used to reduce electromagnetic Interference (EMI) found in today’s high speed digital electronic systems.
CY25561 uses a Cypress proprietary Phase Locked Loop (PLL) and Spread Spectrum Clock (SSC) technology to synthesize and frequency modulate the input frequency of the reference clock. By doing this, the measured EMI at the fundamental and harmonic frequencies of clock (SSCLK) is reduced.
This reduction in radiated energy can significantly reduce the cost of complying with regulatory requirements and time to market without degrading the system performance.
CY25561 is a very simple and versatile device to use. The frequency and spread percentage range is selected by programming S0 and S1 digital inputs. These inputs use three logic states including high (H), low (L), and middle (M) logic levels to select one of the nine available spread percentage ranges. Refer to Table 2 for programming details.
CY25561 is intended for use with applications with a reference frequency in the range of 50 to 166 MHz.
A wide range of digitally selectable spread percentages is made possible by using tri-level (high, low, and middle) logic at the S0 and S1 digital control inputs.
The output spread (frequency modulation) is symmetrically centered on the input frequency.
Spread spectrum clock control (SSCC) function enables or disables the frequency spread and is provided for easy comparison of system performance during EMI testing.
CY25561 is available in an eight-pin SOIC package with a 0°C to 70°C operating temperature range.

*50 to 166 MHz Operating Frequency Range
*Wide Range of Spread Selections:9
*Accepts Clock and Crystal Inputs
*Low Power Dissipation
-70 mW–Typ at 66 MHz
*Frequency Spread Disable Function
*Center Spread Modulation
*Low Cycle-to-cycle Jitter
*8-pin SOIC Package

*Desktop, notebook, and tablet PCs
*VGA controllers
*LCD panels and monitors
*Workstations and servers

CY25561SXC, CY25561SXCT

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