Product Overview
VI Brick DC-DC converters use advanced Sine Amplitude ConverterTM (SACTM)
technology, thermally enhanced packaging technologies, and advanced CIM
processes to provide high power density and efficiency, superior transient
response, and improved thermal management. The high speed 3.5 MHz, zero
current switching–zero voltage switching (ZCS–ZVS) design enables efficient and
low noise operation throughout the operating range.

* DC input range: 36 – 75 V
* Efficiency: Up to 93%
* DC output: 1 – 48 V
* Maximum operating temp:100°C, full load
* Isolated output
* Low noise: Sine Amplitude ConverterTM (SACTM) technology
* Highly efficient:ZCS/ZVS switching
* Fast dynamic response
* Low profile:0.37 in. (9.5 mm)
* RoHS Compliant
* Power density up to 145 W/in3
* Agency approvals

* Communications
* Distributed power
* Defense
* Aerospace
* Medical
* And other applications requiring high efficiency

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