The DS1844 Quad Digital Potentiometer is a four-channel, digitally controlled linear potentiometer.
Each potentiometer is comprised of 63 equi-resistive sections and has three terminals accessible to the user.
These include the high side terminals, HX, the wiper terminals, WX, and the low-side terminals, LX.
The wiper position on the resistor ladder is selected via an 8-bit register value.
Communication and control of the device are supported by two types of serial interface.
These include a 5-wire I/O shift register interface and a 2-wire addressable interface.
The DS1844 is available in standard 10 k, 50 k, and 100 k versions.
Mixed resistor combinations are also available through custom setups.
The DS1844 is specified to operate over the industrial temperature range: -40C to +85C.
Packages for the DS1844 include 20-pin DIPs, SOICs, and TSSOPs.

* Four independent, digitally controlled 64-position potentiometers
* Two interface control options
- 5-wire serial
- 2-wire addressable
* Standard resistance values
- DS1844-010 10 k
- DS1844-050 50 k
- DS1844-100 100 k
* Mixed resistor value combinations (contact factory for availability)
* Operating Temperature Range
- Industrial: -40°C to +85°C

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