General Description
The eKF5250 provides a high-performance interface to bridge USB and NAND Flash compliance device which can be used to implement of flash memory storage device with USB interface. It contains a 8-bit RISC processor to greatly reduce firmware development work.
The eKF5250 has a phase Lock Loop(PLL) embedded. The PLL provided all clocks needed in this Controller. It needs an externally provided clock operating in 2 Mhz.
The eKF5250 can control up to 4 pieces of NAND Flash memory. The flash capacity can be 16M bytes up to 256M bytes. And these chips can be any combination. It has been optimized to support Toshiba and Samsung flash memory designs. The controller has write-protected ability to prevent writing data to flash. For read/write operation, the controller can achieve 1000KB /800KB throughput.
This controller can operate in Win XP, Win2000, Windows ME without any driver installation.

*USB Specification v1.1 Compliant
*USB Mass Storage Class v1.0 Compliant
*Support 12 Mbits/s Full Speed Serial Data Transmission
*Support USB Mass Storage Class Bulk-Only Spec.
*USB bus-powered capability
*Build in PLL used to generate clock for USB. And MCU.
*Total 3 Endpoints. Endpoint 0 is the default control endpoint. Endpoint 1 is the Bulk-in endpoint. Endpoint 2 is the Bulk-out endpoint.
*4K x 13 on chip ROM(Program).
*Support wear leveling
*Support write-protected ability.
*Higher reliability : ECC on the fly
*Support ping-pong buffer(Two 536x8 bits) for data transfer to/from NAND Flash
*Support 4 pieces of NAND Flash.memory
*8 Level stack for subroutine nesting.
*1 LED sink pin with internal serial resistor.
*One 8 bits general purpose timer.
*Watchdog Timer with its own on-chip RC oscillator
*Supports saving power mode(SLEEP MODE)
*MCU run at 16MHz.
*Performance:Read(1000K Bytes/s), Write(800K Bytes/s) Max.

*NAND Flash Controller
*Smart Media Controller

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