The FS7140 / FS7145 is a monolithic CMOS clock generator/regenerator IC designed to minimize cost and component count in a variety of electronic systems.
Via the I2Cbus interface, the FS714x can be adapted to many clock generation requirements.
The length of the reference and feedback dividers, their fine granularity, and the flexibility of the post divider make the FS714x the most flexible stand-alone phase-locked loop (PLL) clock generator available.

* Extremely flexible and low-jitter phase-locked loop (PLL) frequency synthesis
* No external loop filter components needed
* 150MHz CMOS or 340MHz PECL outputs
* Completely configurable via I2C™-bus
* Up to four FS7140 or FS7145 can be used on a single I2C-bus
* 3.3V operation
* Independent on-chip crystal oscillator and external
reference input
* Very low "cumulative" jitter

* Precision frequency synthesis
* Low-frequency clock multiplication
* Video line-locked clock generation
* Laser beam printers (FS7145)


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