GP1S74PJ000F is a standard, phototransistor output, transmissive photointerrupter with opposing emitter and detector in a case, providing non-contact sensing. For this family of devices, the emitter and detector are inserted in a case, and a 3-pin connector is included to allow remote-mount or off-board designs.

*Transmissive with phototransistor output
-Special position hooks compatible with 3 different plate thicknesses (1.0, 1.2, 1.6mm)
-Snap insertion
*Key Parameters
-Gap Width : 5mm
-Slit Width (detector side): 0.5mm
-Package : 17×12.8×8mm (without connector and hooks)
-Connector : Tyco Electronics AMP K.K. (PN : 292133-3)
*Lead free and RoHS directive compliant

*General purpose detection of object presence or motion.
*Example : PPC, FAX, Printer

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