The SHARP GP2W0110YPS/GP2W0114YPS are low-power, short-range infrared transceiver modules. They meet the Mobile Communication Low Power Option within the IrDA Specification for the 20 cm communication range. When operating at lower supply voltages, these units provide a reliable interface between logic and IR signals. Applications include through-air, serial, half-duplex IR wireless data links at rates up to 115 kbit/s and the devices are designed to satisfy the IrDA Physical Layer Specifications.
The SHARP GP2W0110YPS/GP2W0114YPS infrared transceiver modules contain a high speed, high efficiency, low power consumption AlGaAs LED, silicon PIN photodiode, and the low power driven bipolar integrated circuit. The IC contains a LED driver circuit and a receiver that provides the Rx output supporting 2.4 kbit/s to 115.2 kbit/s IrDA signals. They meet the IrDA Low Power Option Communication Standard link distance of 0.2 m with low power devices and 0.3 m with standard devices.
The GP2W0110YPS/GP2W0114YPS include a constant-current source in the LED driver circuit that eliminates the need for an external current limiting resistor in the LED circuit.
The IrDA Low Power Option Standard is most suitable for telecommunication products and mobile terminals, such as cellular phones, paging devices, and PDA-cellular combined multimedia devices. The transceiver modules provide wireless data link capability for cellular phones and pagers, PDAs, or any other IrDA application already on the market.
The transceiver modules’ receiver electronics operate at voltages from 2.0 V through 3.6 V without any performance degradation. The split-voltage supply allows the LED voltage to come from a separate supply. An example is in cell phones where the LED may operate from the battery and the receiver and logic section is supplied from a regulated supply at a lower voltage.
This provides manufacturers with the advantage of an energy saving design in any application field, with alternatives for supply voltage and flexibility for other components. The GP2W0110YPS/GP2W0114YPS transceiver modules have a built-in 0.1 μA Shutdown mode for those applications that are very conscious about current consumption. Additionally, the GP2W0110YPS/GP2W0114YPS have a tri-state output, which allow their use in applications where one port connection may be connected to more than one device.
The included shield is appropriate in applications where Electro-Magnetic Interference (EMI) is a concern. Infrared energy is immune to EMI, but the receiving PIN photodiode is somewhat sensitive to EMI. This is the case in all IR communication devices.

*IrDA Low Power Option Compatibility for Telecommunication and Mobile Terminals
*Industry Low Volume Package Design for a Low Power Transceiver:
–7.6(W) × 2.65(D) × 2.0(H) mm, 40.28 mm3
*Low Power Consumption with Built-in Shut-Down Mode 0.2 μA (TYP.)
*Low and Wide Range Operating Voltage:
–VDD = 2.0 V to 3.6 V, VLEDA = 2.0 V to 6.0 V
*Soldering Reflow Capable
*SMD Lead-less Package Design Provides Flexibility with either Vertical Mount or Horizontal Mount to PCBs
*Replaces GP2W0102YP, GP2W0104YP, and GP2W0106YP
*Added Features include Tri-state Output and Splitvoltage Supply Capability
*Fully Compatible with Agilent HSDL 3201
*TOP View Version: GP2W0114YPS

*Telecommunication Products
–Cellular Phones
–Smart Phones
*Mobile Products
–Electronic Wallets
–Mini-Notebook PCs
*Imaging Products
–Portable Printers
–Portable Text Scanners


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