The XE1610-OEMPVT GPS Receiver from RF Solutions is a GPS receiver product which features the revolutionary FirstGPS™ architecture. This complete GPS receiver solution provides high accuracy position and speed performance as well as high sensitivity and tracking capabilities in urban areas. The GPS Receiver comes in a small form factor package. The XE1610-OEMPVT delivers major advancements in GPS performance, accuracy, integration, computing power and flexibility. It is designed to simplify the embedded system integration process.
The FirstGPS is a mixed hardware/software architecture based on the XE16BB10 advanced channel correlator IC and its companion RF downconverter.

*High sensitivity: to -143 dBm tracking, superior urban performance.
*Position accuracy: < 5m CEP (50%) without SA (horizontal)
*Warm Start is under 40 seconds (50%)
*Hot Start is under 12 seconds (50%)
*Ultra low power: < 20 mA @ 3.3V full power, 3 additional low power modes
*Embedded ARM7TDMI
*Small form factor and low cost solution
*Ready-to-plug solution, fully autonomous PVT solution. Easily integrated into existing systems
*On-board RAM for GPS navigation data, on-board Flash memory back-up
*PPS output
*Bidirectional NMEA interface
*Real Time Clock with separate back-up power supply

*Asset management/tracking
*Palmtop, Laptop, PDA
*Location Based Services enabled devices
*Handheld receivers

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