The HA16341NT/FP and the HA16342NT/FP are switching regulator control ICs for the off-line converters of redundant power supplies.
The HA16342NT/FP is reverse current detection less version of the HA16341NT/FP.
The HA16341NT/FP have the functions of current sharing and hot swap control for redundancy. These functions enable high efficiency and high reliability for switching power supplies.
Combination the HA16341 with the HA16141 is suitable for the redundant AC to DC converters.

*Secondary-side synchronous rectification control
*Main switching controller
*Dead-time adjustment for synchronous rectification MOS
*Current share function with line resistance compensation
*Hot swap power MOS FET control
*Remote on/off function, FAIL output function
*Synchronized switching with primary side
*Soft start function
*Maximum duty adjustment
*Overcurrent limiting, overcurrent shutdown functions
*Reverse current detection (only the HA16341NT/FP)
*Light load detection
*OVP function
*VCC pin UVL function

HA16342NT, HA16341FP, HA16342FP

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