The HD66113T is a common driver for large dot matrix liquid crystal graphics displays. It features 120 channels which can be divided into two groups of 60 channels by selecting data input/output pins. The driver is powered by about 3V, making it suitable for the design of portable equipment which fully utilizes the low power dissipation of liquid crystal elements. The HD66113T, packaged in a slim tape carrier package (slim-TCP), makes it possible to reduce the size of the user area (wiring area).

*Duty cycle: About 1/100 to 1/480
*120 LCD drive circuits
*High LCD driving voltage: 14V to 40V
*Output division function (2 ´ 60-channel outputs)
*Display off function
*Operating voltage: 2.5V to 5.5V
*Low output impedance: 0.7 kW (typ)

HD66113TA0, HD66113TA1

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