Zoran's HDM-T1 is a silicon efficient, cost-effective intellectual property core for IC designs requiring the HDMI Transmit function (HDMI Tx). The HDM-T1 encodes high quality multichannel audio and high definition digital video formats (YcrCb or RGB) into the HMDI standard including High Definition Content Protection (HDCP) encryption.
HDM-T1 includes digital link, analog Phy and reference software to provide a complete solution for the HDMI Transmit function. HDM-T1 is proven in silicon; products using HDM-T1 have passed compliance testing by an Authorized Testing Center.

*HDMI version 1.1 compliant
*HDCP version 1.1 compliant
*Supports EIA/CEA 861b video formats including 480i, 480p, 576i, 576p, 720p, 1080i, and up to 1360 x 768
*Up to 8 channels uncompressed LPCM audio up to 192 kHz
*Pass through for compressed audio including Dolby Digital, MPEG-2, MP-3, etc.
*Support for up to nine downstream HDMI repeaters
*Color space conversion
*Audio mute
*Internal color bar & square wave generators
*Generic Host Bus Interface for core configuration and control
*Onboard debug and test support
*EDID parsing application software example
*System renewability application software example (revocation list)

Integrated Circuit Applications
*Digital TV
*Set-top box
*DVD player/recorder
*Digital Cameras
*A/V Receivers
*Any IC requiring the HDMI transmit function


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