The HDSP2110S (Red), HDSP2111S (Yellow), HDSP2112S (High Efficiency Red), HDSP2113S (Green), HDSP2114S (High Efficiency Green), and HDSP2115S (Soft Orange) are eight digit, 5x7 dot matrix, alphanumeric Intelligent Display devices. The 0.20 inch high digits are packaged in a rugged, high quality, optically transparent, 0.6 inch lead spacing, 28 pin plastic DIP.
The on-board CMOS has a built-in 128 character ROM. The HDSP211XS also has a user definable character (UDC) feature, which uses a RAM that permits storage of 16 arbitrary characters, symbols or icons that are software-definable by the user. The character ROM itself is mask programmable and easily modified by the manufacturer to provide specified custom characters.
The HDSP211XS is designed for standard microprocessor interface techniques, and is fully TTL compatible. The Clock I/O and Clock Select pins allow the user to cascade multiple display modules.

*Eight 0.200" Dot Matrix Characters in Red, Yellow, High Efficiency Red, Green, High Efficiency Green, or Soft Orange
*Built-in 128 Character ROM, Mask Programmable for Custom Fonts
*Readable from 8 Feet (2.5 meters)
*Built-in Decoders, Multiplexers and Drivers
*Wide Viewing Angle, X Axis ±55° , Y Axis ±65°
*Programmable Features:
–Individual Flashing Character
–Full Display Blinking
–Multi-Level Dimming and Blanking
–Clear Function
–Self Test
*Internal or External Clock
*End Stackable Dual-In-Line Plastic Package
*Read/Write Capability
*16 User Definable Characters

HDSP2110S, HDSP2112S, HDSP2113S, HDSP2114S, HDSP2115S

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