A range of miniature single in line (SIL) hybrid modules providing complete four channel Radio Receiver/Decoder systems available in either AM or FM. When used with the 110-AM or 120-FM series pocket keyfobs a complete remote telemetry system is obtained with up to 150 metres range.
The module consists of a front end super-heterodyne or super-regen RF receiver with an embedded microcontroller decoding a highly secure Keeloq protocol signal.
The module has an easy-to-use 'LEARN' facility, and is capable of learning up to 50 unique keyfob encoders.
The module requires a 5V power supply and provides a direct LED drive showing data reception and four digital data outputs. The outputs may be programmed for momentary or latching configuration.
The modules have flash re-programmability feature to enable field re-programming of the controller.

*Miniature RF Receiver and Decoder.
*Advanced Keeloq Decoding
*Advanced Laser Trimmed Ceramic Module
*AM Range up to 100 Metres
*FM Range up to 150 Metres
*Easy Learn Transmitter Feature.
*Outputs, Momentary or Latching & Serial Data.
*Direct Led Drive Shows Data Reception
*Single Supply 5V
*Flash re-programmable
*HIR6 Low Power Version (<1mA)
*Directly compatible with 110 Series
*Compatible with RF600E
*EMC Compliant for use in Europe
*FCC Certified for use in USA

*General Remote Control Systems.
*Garage Door Openers.
*Car, Caravan, Motorcycle Alarms
*Remote Switching.
*Remote Gates.

HIRK-433, HIR6-433, HIRK-315A, HIRK-433A, HIR6-433A, HIRK-433F

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