All inputs and outputs are referred to the rising edge of the clock input. The HM5216165 is offered in 2 banks for improved performance.

*3.3 V Power supply
*Clock frequency: 100 MHz/83 MHz
*LVTTL interface
*Single pulsed RAS
*2 Banks can operates simultaneously and independently
*Burst read/write operation and burst read/single write operation capability
*Programmable burst length: 1/2/4/8/full page
*2 variations of burst sequence
-Sequential (BL = 1/2/4/8/full page)
-Interleave (BL = 1/2/4/8)
*Programmable CAS latency: 1/2/3
*Byte control by DQMU and DQML
*Refresh cycles: 4096 refresh cycles/64 ms
*2 variations of refresh
-Auto refresh
-Self refresh

HM5216165TT-10H, HM5216165TT-12

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