General Description
The HMC656LP2E / 657LP2E / 658LP2E are a line of wideband fi xed value SMT 50 Ohm matched attenuators which offer relative attenuation levels of 10, 15 and 20 dB respectively. These passive attenuators are ideal for military, test equipment, and other wideband applications where extremely fl at attenuation, and excellent VSWR vs. frequency are required.
These wideband attenuators handle up to +25 dBm of input power, and are compatible with high volume surface mount manufacturing techniques.

*3 Attenuator Products:
*10, 15, & 20 dB Fixed Attenuation Levels
*Wide Bandwidth: DC - 25 GHz
*Excellent Attenuation Accuracy
*Power Handling: +25 dBm
*6 Lead 2x2mm SMT Package: 4mm2

Typical Applications
The HMC656LP2E - HMC658LP2E are ideal for:
*Fiber Optics
*Microwave Radio
*Military & Space
*Test & Measurement
*Scientifi c Instruments
*RF / Microwave Circuit Prototyping


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