The KB3302 is a high-frequency current-mode step-up switching regulator with an integrated 2A power transistor. Its high switching frequency (programmable up to 2MHz) allows the use of tiny surface-mount external passive components. Programmable soft-start eliminates high inrush current during start-up. The internal switch is rated at 32V making the converter suitable for high voltage applications such as Boost, SEPIC and Flyback.
The operating frequency of the KB3302 can be set with an external resistor. The ability to set the operating frequency gives the KB3302 design flexibilities. A dedicated COMP pin allows optimization of the loop response. The KB3302 is available in thermally enhanced 8-Pin MSOP packages.

*Up to 95% Efficiency
*TDB uA No Load Current
*1000mA Output Current
*1.5V to 16V Input Voltage Range
*Programmable switching frequency up to 2MHz
*Output voltage up to 32V
*Constant switching frequency current-mode control
*1.23V Reference Allows Low Output Voltages
*Shutdown Mode Draws

KB3302DD, KB3302EMS

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