The KB3386 is a current regulated charge pump ideal for powering high brightness LEDs for camera flash applications. The charge pump can be set to regulate two current levels for FLASH and TORCH modes. The KB3386 automatically switches modes between step-up and step-down ensuring that LED current does not depend on the forward voltage. A low current sense reference voltage (50mV) allows the use of small 0603 current sensing resistors. The KB3386 is . offered in 10-pin DFN package.

*Output Current up to 400mA
*Up to 94% Efficiency in Torch Mode
*Automatic Softstart Limits Inrush Current
*Adjustable FLASH Mode
*x1 and x2 Automatic Modes for High Efficiency
*Minimum External Components: No Inductors
*High Frequency Operation: 2.4 MHz
*Low 50mV Reference for low Loss Sensing
*1ㅇA Shutdown Current
*PWM Dimming Control
*Automatic Switchover Between Buck/Boost
*Overvoltage Protection on Output
*Overcurrent/Temerature Protection
*Low Ripple and EMI
*Space Saving 10-pin 3mm x 3mm DFN Package

*White LED Torch/Flash for Cell Phones, DSCs, and Camcorders
*Generic Lighting/Flash/Strobe Applications
*White LED Backlighting


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