The LH1594/LH1595 are LCD drivers with a built-in character ROM suitable for driving small scale dotmatrix LCD panels, and which are capable of being directly connected to the bus line of a microcomputer. The 8-bit parallel or serial data transferred from a microcomputer is used to
generate LCD drive signals for displaying characters. Incorporating a character ROM which has font characters configured in the format of 5 x 8 dots and a character RAM which allows the user to define characters, the LH1594/LH1595 provide a higher freedom of display. Since the LH1594/LH1595 have 80 output pins for a segment drive circuit and 17 output pins for a common drive circuit in a single chip, a display system for 16 characters x 2 lines can be implemented easily. The LH1594/LH1595 enable an LCD system for battery-operated, handcarrying information equipment by securing lower power consumption and wider operating voltage

*Built-in CGROM : 240 characters(5 x 8 x 240 = 9 600 bits)
*Built-in CGRAM : 8 characters(5 x 8 x 8 = 320 bits)
*Built-in SEGRAM : 80 segments(16 x 7 = 112 bits)
*Built-in display data RAM : 32 characters(32 x 8 = 256 bits)
*Format of font character : 5 x 8 dots including 1 dot which also serves to display a cursor
*General 8-bit MPU interface : Possible to directly connect 80-family or 68-family MPU to bus line
*Possible to make serial interface (I2C BUS* format is for LH1594)
* Ratio of display duty cycle : 1/8, 1/9, 1/16 or 1/17 (selectable by command)


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