The LUPA 1300-2 is a highly integrated SXGA high speed, high sensitivity CMOS image sensor targeted at various high speed machine vision and industrial monitoring applications. The sensor runs at 500fps and features triggered and pipelined shutter modes. The sensor packs 24 parallel 10-bit A/D converters with an aggregate conversion rate of 740 MSPS.
On-chip digital column FPN correction allows the sensor to output ready-to-use image data for all but the most demanding applications. In order to allow simple and reliable system integration, the 13 channel 8 Gbps LVDS serial link protocol supports per channel skew correction and serial link integrity monitoring. Peak responsivity of the 14x14um 6T pixel is 7350
V.m2/W.s. Dynamic range is measured to be 57dB. In full frame video mode, the sensor consumes 1.2W from a 2.5V power supply. The sensors integrates A/D conversion, on-chip timing for a wide range of operating modes and features an LVDS interface for easy system integration. By removing the visually highly disturbing column patterned noise, this sensor allows building a camera without having to perform any off-line correction or the need for any memory making this sensor highly suitable for lower cost applications. Moreover, since the on-chip column FPN correction is more reliable than an off-line correction as it is intrinsically compensated for supply and temperature variations, this sensor also allows to build reliable high-end camera's without having to worry about column FPN appearing in environments with highly varying ambient temperatures.
The sensor requires only one master clock for operation up to 500 fps. It is housed in a 168-pin ceramic μPGA package.
The LUPA 1300-2 is available in a monochrome version or Bayer (RGB) patterned color filter array and is available with and without glass.

*1280 x 1024 active pixels
*14 μm X 14 μm square pixels
*1" optical format
*Monochrome or color digital output
*500 fps frame rate
*On-chip 10-bit ADCs
*12 LVDS serial outputs
*Random programmable ROI readout
*Pipelined, Triggered and Snapshot shutter
*On-chip column FPN correction
*Serial to Parallel Interface (SPI)
*Limited supplies: Nominal 2.5V (some supplies require 3.3V)
*0°C to 70°C operational temperature range
*168-pin uPGA package
*Power dissipation: 1.2W

*High speed machine vision
*Motion analysis
*Intelligent traffic system
*Medical imaging
*Industrial imaging


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