LX1996 is an integrated white LED driver for notebook size displays. It is designed to drive up to six strings of LEDs. The LX1996 consists of a boost converter and six precision current sources. It also includes a direct analog light sensor interface and can be dimmed by a PWM signal or by application of a DC control voltage.
Precision current mirror circuitry sets all channels to the same current with a single programming input. The current value can be programmed up to 30mA per channel with a single resistor from the PRG pin to ground. Channel to channel matching is within ± 0.5 percent typical at 25°C ambient of the channels mean at the rated output current.
Unique design features include temperature compensated LED current, and audible noise reduction using Ultrasonic Pulse Skipping.
Temperature compensated LED current is accomplished by a dedicated input pin (OT) that in conjunction with an external thermistor measures the LED’s ambient temperature and thereby prevents over temperature stress to the LEDs by keeping them within their safe operating area.
Additional features include low sleep mode current (6μA typ.) for extending battery time, multi-mode dimming via ambient light sensor interface, analog dimming, direct PWM dimming and combination of analog and direct PWM dimming for up to a 25000:1 dimming range.
The LX1996 is designed to work over a wide input voltage range from 6V to 28Vdc with adjustable over voltage protection (OVP), and short and open LED protection.
The LX1996 comes in a compact thermal efficient 4x4mm 24pin MLPQ package.

*White LED Backlight Controller for Middle Size Display Panels
*Up to 6 LED Strings with ±0.5% Precision Current Matching
*Wide Input Voltage Range from 6V to 28V
*Temperature Compensated LED Current
*Ultrasonic Pulse Skipping for audible noise reduction
*Direct Ambient Light Sensor Interface for Brightness Control
*High Efficiency over Full Dimming Range
*Low Standby Current
*On-chip Thermal Shut-down
*Over-voltage Protection
*Packaged in a Thermally Efficient 24 pin 4x4mm MLPQ Package

*Notebook & Monitor Displays
*Entertainment Systems
*Automotive Lighting & Panels


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