The M2004-02 integrates a high performance Phase Locked Loop (PLL) with a Voltage Controlled SAW Oscillator (VCSO) to provide a low jitter Frequency Synthesizer in a 9mm x 9mm surface mount package.
The internal high “Q” SAW filter provides low jitter signal performance and determines the maximum output frequency of the VCSO.
A programmable output divider can divide the VCSO frequency to achieve an output as low as 38.88MHz.
The input to the Frequency Synthesizer is provided by selecting between a differential input clock or a single ended input clock.
The output frequency is an integer multiple of the input reference frequency. The multiplying factor is programmed via a 6 bit parallel address.
An external loop filter sets the PLL bandwidth which can be optimized to provide jitter attenuation of the input reference clock.
The bandwidth control, low phase noise, and HOLD features make the M2004-02 ideal for use as a clock jitter attenuator, frequency translator, and clock frequency generator in OC-3 through OC-192 applications.

*Output Clock Frequency up to 700MHz
*Internal Low-jitter SAW-based Oscillator
*Intrinsic Jitter <1ps rms (12kHz - 20MHz)
*Differential Input Compatible with LVPECL, LVDS, HSTL, SSTL, etc.
*Dual Input MUX
*Parallel Programming
*Tunable Loop Filter Response
*Differential LVPECL Outputs
*3.3V Operation
*Small 9mm x 9mm SMT Package

*SONET / SDH / 10GbE System Synchronization
*Add / Drop Muxes, Access and Edge Switches
*Line Card System Clock Cleaner / Translator
*Optical Module Clock Cleaner / Translator

M2004-02-500.0000, M2004-02-622.0800, M2004-02-625.0000

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