The M5218 are semiconductor integrated circuits designed for a low noise preamplifier in audio equipment and a general-purpose operational amplifier in other electronic equipment. Two low noise operational amplifier circuits displaying internal phase-compensated high gain and low distortion are contained in an 8-pin SIP, DIP or FP for application over a wide rage as a general-purpose dual amplifier in general electronic equipment.
The devices have virtually the same characteristics as the 4557, 4558, 4559 and 741 operational amplifiers.
The units can also be used as a single power supply type and amplifier in portavle equipment. It is also suitable as a headphone amplifier because of its high load current.

- High gain, low distortion
- High slew rate
- Low noise FLAT
- Operation with low supply voltage
- High load current, high power disspation

General-purpose amplifier uin stereo equipment, tape decks, and radio stereo cassette recorders; active filters, servo amplifiers, oprational circuits in other general electronic equipment.


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