General Description
The MAX6730–MAX6735 single-/dual-/triple-voltage microprocessor (μP) supervisors feature a watchdog timer and manual reset capability. The MAX6730–MAX6735 offer factory-set reset thresholds for monitoring voltages from +0.9V to +5V and an adjustable reset input for monitoring voltages down to +0.63V. The combination of these features significantly improves system reliability and accuracy when compared to separate ICs or discrete components.
The active-low reset output asserts and remains asserted for the reset timeout period after all the monitored voltages exceed their respective thresholds. Multiple factoryset reset threshold combinations reduce the number of external components required. The MAX6730/MAX6731 monitor a single fixed voltage, the MAX6732/MAX6733 monitor two fixed voltages, and the MAX6734/MAX6735 monitor two fixed voltages and one adjustable voltage. All devices are offered with six minimum reset timeout periods ranging from 1.1ms to 1120ms.
The MAX6730–MAX6735 feature a watchdog timer with an independent watchdog output. The watchdog timer prevents system lockup during code execution errors. A watchdog startup delay of 54s after reset asserts allows system initialization during power-up. The watchdog operates in normal mode with a 1.68s delay after initialization. The MAX6730/MAX6732/MAX6734 provide
an active-low, open-drain watchdog output. The MAX6731/MAX6733/MAX6735 provide an active-low, push-pull watchdog output.
Other features include a manual reset input (MAX6730/MAX6731/MAX6734/MAX6735) and push-pull reset output (MAX6731/MAX6733/MAX6735) or open-drain reset output (MAX6730/MAX6732/MAX6734). The MAX6730–MAX6733 are offered in a tiny SOT23-6 package. The MAX6734/MAX6735 are offered in a space-saving SOT23-8 package. All devices are fully specified over the extended temperature range (-40°C to +85°C).

*VCC1 (Primary Supply) Reset Threshold Voltages from +1.575V to +4.63V
*VCC2 (Secondary Supply) Reset Threshold Voltages from +0.79V to +3.08V
*Adjustable RSTIN Threshold for Monitoring Voltages Down to +0.63V (MAX6734/MAX6735 Only)
*Six Reset Timeout Options
*Watchdog Timer with Independent Watchdog Output 35s (min) Initial Watchdog Startup Period 1.12s (min) Normal Watchdog Timeout Period
*Manual Reset Input (MAX6730/MAX6731/MAX6734/MAX6735)
*Guaranteed Reset Valid down to VCC1 or VCC2 = +0.8V
*Push-Pull RESET or Open-Drain RESET Output
*Immune to Short VCC Transients
*Low Supply Current: 14μA (typ) at +3.6V
*Small 6-Pin and 8-Pin SOT23 Packages

*Multivoltage Systems
*Telecom/Networking Equipment
*Portable/Battery-Operated Equipment
*Industrial Equipment
*Set-Top Boxes


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