The MAX809 and MAX810 are cost–effective system supervisor circuits designed to monitor VCC in digital systems and provide a reset signal to the host processor when necessary. No external components are required.
The reset output is driven active within 20 msec of VCC falling through the reset voltage threshold. Reset is maintained active for a minimum of 140msec after VCC rises above the reset threshold. The MAX810 has an active–high RESET output while the MAX809 has
an active–low RESET output. The output of the MAX809 is guaranteed valid down to VCC = 1V. Both devices are available in a SOT–23 package.
The MAX809/810 are optimized to reject fast transient glitches on the VCC line. Low supply current of 17mA (VCC = 3.3V) makes these devices suitable for battery powered applications.

• Precision VCC Monitor for 3.0V, 3.3V, and 5.0V Supplies
• 140msec Guaranteed Minimum RESET, RESET Output Duration
• RESET Output Guaranteed to VCC = 1.0V (MAX809)
• Low 17mA Supply Current
• VCC Transient Immunity
• Small SOT–23 Package
• No External Components
• Wide Operating Temperature: –40°C to 85°C

• Computers
• Embedded Systems
• Battery Powered Equipment
• Critical mP Power Supply Monitoring


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